terms and conditions - disclaimer


We are not qualified fabric technicions/technologists but through many years experience, we offer advice concerning risks and possible outcomes relating to our services.


Articles for cleaning and other services are by definition, already second hand. The aggressive KZN climate inflicts severe sun damage to the fabric. Manufacturing defects and incorrect cleaning instructions can produce a negative cleaning outcome. Previous (incorrect methods) cleaning can affect the cleaning outcome. Exposure to water, moisture or humidity can also cause damage. We clean according to instructions. We will not accept responsibility for missing broken or cracked accessories.


Arising from cleaning fabrics affected by above can result in;
stretching, shrinking, fraying, splitting and tearing.

Colour fading, “bleeding” streaking or running.

Inability to completely remove mildew (spores), watermarks, rust and indelible stains.

“Perishing” – “Peeling” – “Bubbling” – “Pilling.”


These factors and more are why we only offer cleaning and other services as per our printed indemnity notice and “Own Risk” conditions.